Not knowing where to start is the dilemma faced by disabled persons looking for work. Finding work as a disabled person might look uncertain. Yet, the current job trend in 2023 is showing less mobility. The limited mobility seen in many jobs today makes employment for disabled persons a reality.

Every industry today seems to offer great opportunities for people with disabilities. It is because businesses and industries are starting to recognise the invaluable strengths of people with disabilities.

The culture is being matched as well by current employment laws. This has eased the stigma of hiring physically-limited people in the workforce. Disabled persons having a good understanding of their strengths and skills are likely to be hired rather than turned away because of their disability.


Best Employment Opportunities for Disabled Persons in 2023


High-paying jobs requiring less mobility allow employment for disabled persons the chance to pick the ones they can do. Some of the available types of disability employment services in 2023 include:

Legal Assistant

Working in the legal field does not need for one to possess a law degree. Multiple job opportunities range from a legal secretary and paralegal to a legal assistant are desk jobs. While a two-year degree is one of the requirements, training programs or certificates can also make it possible to start working as a legal assistant.

Independent freelancer

A computer and internet access are important things to have to get flexible working hours while staying comfortable in the home. Technical support, data entry, freelance writing, sales, and web design are some of the jobs that do not require high mobility. Choosing the career path of being an independent freelancer allows you the flexibility of managing your income and work hours.

Call Centre Representative

No prior experience, experience or education is needed when opting to work as a call centre representative. The free training provided by companies looking for customer care agents equips you to handle the task of answering calls from customers. The ease of working as a call centre agent has attracted many people with disabilities to choose this career path.

Accounting Assistant

If you’re good with numbers, working as an accounting assistant or bookkeeping clerk is a good career goal. If you like organised work utilising quick thinking, working towards a career in accounting is the right way.

Medical Office Assistant

People with physical limitations can do well working as medical office assistants. Handling paperwork, organising files, and answering phones do not require physical mobility. The experience of people with disabilities makes them the better choice for many employers in the medical field. The experience of being a disabled person helps to understand the situation patients are going through.

Vocational or Guidance Counsellor

The experience of people with disabilities in coping with their limitations makes them good vocational or guidance counsellors. An opportunity to help improve the lives of other disabled people makes this one of the most rewarding careers.

Pharmacy Technician

Good pay requiring minimal physical labour is an advantage gained by working as a pharmacy technician. Often, pharmaceutical companies are likely to hire disabled people who have experienced handling or taking certain kinds of medications.

A disabled person that likes to socialise with people could find the right fit working as a pharmacy technician in a pharmacy.

Hiring practices are changing the way businesses are changing. People with disabilities are not discriminated against, unlike the past decades. Contact us at ____________to know more.